About Zoroastrian Connection

Zoroastrian Connection was initially started as a voluntary WhatsApp group. It is begun with the intention to connect and network, to share and grow, to laugh and to have some fun amongst individuals of the Zoroastrian faith.

Zoroastrian Connection is a very small initiative to connect all Zoroastrians globally. This group is meant for every individual who has a Zoroastrian Connection. If your spouse is a Zoroastrian or even one parent is a Zoroastrian, in all those scenarios you are most welcome to be a part of the Zoroastrian Connection Family. We don’t discriminate any Zoros on the basis of the personal choices they have made in their lives. We believe in spreading happiness and helping all our fellow Zoros in any way we can.

Looking at the overwhelming response for the Chat groups this website has been created so that Zoroastrians and their extended families can get more insight into the religion. You can find recipes for different Iranian and Persian cuisines, read about Zoroastrianism. Check the pre-Zoroastrian Literature. There is lots of information on the website about Zoroastrianism. How Zoroastrianism started. Information about Our Prophet Zarathushtra. We are also helping our members with a Matrimony section to find their soulmate. Members also have a Business page where professionals and businesses can register free of charge.

As we keep getting suggestions from our members the website will be expanded and groomed to suit everyone’s requirements. We realize that each of us is at different phases in our lives, seeking for different answers and connections. Therefore we at Zoroastrian Connection have created some chat groups to cater to each person’s needs.

Please join our ZC Telegram groups to chat with our wonderful members. We have created different Telegram groups for different purposes.

ZC Welcome Lounge – To welcome new members to ZC.


Zoroastrian Community Info and Ideas Exchange group – With an aim to have a healthy exchange of ideas and suggestions on various topics pertaining to different aspects of our lives.


Zoroastrian Fun Connect – The purpose of this group is to have some fun, share inspiring quotes, jokes. There will be regular quizzes etc., with prizes to be won.


Zoroastrian Matrimonial Group – It’s a platform to connect with prospective life partners. In addition, members will receive support and guidance in the soul-searching process and courtship.


Zoroastrian Professionals group – This group is meant for networking and for professional and business growth.


Zoroastrian History and Prayers group – To know about your history and share prayers with each other.


ZC Womens Wellness Group – Created so that women from all walks of life can talk it out.


ZC Quiz & Games Group – To challenge each other and play some games


In addition, there will be discussions around CV and interview preparations, career path growth, best business practices, success story sharing sessions and much more.

We also have country specific groups for Zoroastrians based in UK/EU, USA/Canada, AUS/NZ, Middle East and the Far East. This is for residents based in that specific country only and who would like to meet and interact with Zoroastrians residing there. This is a good way to help one another network and connect with each other.


It’s through the member’s participation, support and encouragement that we can aspire to grow. So please help spread the word.

We would encourage each member to pick the group that they find most relevant and suitable for their self.

Looking forward to connecting with all of you.

Please share our website with all your friends and family.