2 simple recipes

2 simple recipes

Pasta and Sandwich
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2 simple recipes for non chefy types like me who hate to cook that I make. Simple no fuss quick to make by Mohnaz Balsara

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  • Chicken salami grilled s/w.
  • Just take 2 slices of bread apply butter
  • on one mayo on the other. Open the salami tin place them on the bread.
  • Put a cheese slice close the s/w. Either use a non stick pan to grill
  • or an otg and the cheese slice will seal the edges automatically.
  • Instead of salami you can use turkey, ham, sausages, tuna, chicken,
  • mutton or for vegetarians use any veggies or paneer.


    Take any ready-made pasta boil in salted water with pepper oregano and
    a bit of vegetable oil so the pasta doesn't stick. Once the pasta is
    cooked drain excess water. Put it on a plate. Add either ketchup or
    tomato sauce from a can. When pasta is still hot add either mozzarella
    cheese or grate any firm cheese you like and serve.
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Mohnaz BalsaraMember of ZFC

Own a travel company called DeiaMo Paradiso. Have extensive deals in over 100+ countries. Love to travel and take tons of photograhs.

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