Intolerance Through The Eyes of a Parsi – By: Mr. Marzban Ardeshir

Intolerance Through The Eyes of a Parsi

By: Mr. Marzban Ardeshir

Zoroastrianism has a proven history of being the most tolerant religion worldwide. By most accounts, Cyrus the Great was a tolerant ruler who allowed his non-Iranian subjects to practice their own religions. He ruled by the Zoroastrian law of Asha (truth and righteousness), but didn’t impose Zoroastrianism on the people of Persia’s conquered territories. The tenets of Zoroastrianism helped to shape the major Abrahamic religions—including Judaism, Christianity and Islam—through the influence of the Persian Empire. The expansion of Zoroastrianism was spread to three continents and for many centuries. This was possible through strong value systems, which included “tolerance” as one of the main principles.

Below is an excellent Video Blog, by an enthusiast Zarathusti, Mr. Marzban Ardeshir, who explains how tolerance is retained in the value system of Parsis, in the era where so called “intolerance” is hyped. A very good message to all the citizens across cultures;

“Be like a Parsi and make an impact to your country”.


Marry Boyce very aptly said: “Zoroastrianism is the oldest of the revealed world-religions, and it has probably had more influence on mankind, directly and indirectly, than any other single faith.” Mr. Ardeshir has proved the same through this excellent video.

We thank Mr. Ardeshir to have shared this video with us and hope he continues to contribute more such blogs in the interest of the community and mankind as a whole.



Mr. Marzban Ardeshir is an enthusiast Zarathusti, a columnist and a patriot. He retired in 2012 from an IT company. He was working as Global Head Mobility for HR division. He is passionate about writing articles on community and have been writing for Jame Jamshed and Parsi Times. His column in Jame was “Through the eyes of a Parsi” and “Just out of my mind” in Parsi Times. He has also directed plays in TV and have acted in them as well. Currently he is based in Toronto with his daughter Farah Ardeshir, who is a well known culinary artist and the owner of M5 Bakes.

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5 thoughts on “Intolerance Through The Eyes of a Parsi – By: Mr. Marzban Ardeshir

    1. Most aptly and fantastically put mama. You have hit the nail on the head and with a bang. Hopefully some people might get up from their slumber after seeing this video. Kudos.

  1. Good and well speeched. Liked it very much carry on more with some more depth in indian politics. MODI Man Of disiplined india.

  2. Many thanks for this Very Passionate Discourse Mr Ardeshir. Best Wishes to you and All at home and Wishing all the Success for Farah’s New Business Venture.

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