RESONATE WITH GOD – By: Cyrus Mahernosh

Resonate With GOD

By: Cyrus Mahernosh

I am not a philosopher or a mystic, but just a regular guy.   I had a persistent voice in my head asking me to share my learnings that have been acquired through varied life experiences. The lessons of my life, helped me believe in a very sacred magic of life. It put my life on a wonderful journey of self-discovery & creative productivity. I hope this write up helps you understand & move to a better place in your lives…

In no way I claim to totally know or understand “GOD” .but over the years of my life experiences, I have come to understand myself in more light. Have been able to relate to The Infinite Supreme Almighty Energy in every possible way.

We all differ in our ways of perceiving people, things, situations, events, life & Universe.

My way of resonating with the most powerful word “GOD” on this planet is by relating to  its very name as follows…

G ~ GIVING: In its true essence relates to Receiving.

This law of the universe is very prominently prevalent in the wonderful sayings…

·         As you sow, so shall you reap.
·         What you give to nature, nature gives it back to you.

As we have all have experienced in our lives through varied life situations or with varied people, whatever we give out, we tend to receive back viz… when we share our love, joy, happiness & peace with the situations or others, we receive the same, infact more in return. The same goes for negative emotions as well, when we pass on our anger, hatred, jealousy, mistrust, & low energy or depression to the situations we face, we tend to receive the same in return. This same rule also applies with your relationship with your ownself, ie. If you’re true to yourself or love yourself, you’ll find meeting up with people & situations, which relate same kind of feelings to you…who’d be true to you & love you.

O ~ ONENESS: Experiencing Oneness with one & all. All are connected.

This word has got a very unique meaning in my way of thinking. It encourages feelings of oneness with everyone & everything. It means to consciously be aware in experiencing being one with all kinds of humans, i.e. to see ourselves or part of ourselves in all humans. Even with the humans with all kinds of defects (blind, deaf, dumb, handicapped, varied kinds of disabled / differently abled people, etc)… This understanding leads to experiencing equality between everyone i.e. sects, tribes, genders, rich & poor, mighty & weak , young & old, etc. It further leads to have a connection in being one with All Living beings (animals, birds & all kinds of creatures) &  the mesmerizing ALL nature around you, i.e. the Trees, plants, lakes, Ocean, etc…. the ever evolving beautiful Mother Earth. The Oneness I’m talking about is, that which has a feeling of inclusiveness for ALL things that permeate on this planet. The theory that “Universe already belongs to us & we to it”, is even supported by science as well. When we observe that we are very similar to our planet. As our Earth is made of 70% water & remaining of mass, so are we.

On more simple way to understand our relation with Universe is to observe the expanding ocean along the coast. The single droplet of ocean water when separated from the ocean, retains it true quality of the ocean, or we may also term it as though the entire ocean manifest itself in a single droplet of water.

We need to feel that strong faith of being one with The Infinite Supreme Energy/Universe, even though we have chosen to individually manifest on this physical realm. There is connectedness everywhere in everything, we just need to open our eyes to. The emotion of Oneness is nothing but love moving beyond selflessly & multiplying into thousand fold, which would result in experiencing “Bliss”.

D ~ DESTINY:  Life is an unopened present, what you do with it is totally your call. Accordingly, the consequences you face will be based on the decisions you take in your life. This Universe always demands an exchange of energy for everything that you would want or desire to happen. To truly experience unfolding of your Destiny,….is to have yourself totally immersed in practicing the earlier 2 important & valuable aspects of “Giving & Oneness”.

Once you start truly respecting, appreciating & honouring the values of “Giving & Oneness” then the Infinite Supreme Almighty Energy/Universe begins to shine upon you the true essence of “Destiny”.  Entire Universe starts to conspire in working towards opening paths & channels in helping you to claim your higher purpose. “Destiny” is the real true purpose of your existence. To fulfill it, it starts by revealing our hidden talents & honouring us with sacred unique gifts in all its might & true essence. It does all of this to empower us in productively creating something extremely wonderful & sacred on this planet. It makes our existence meaningful & joyfull in its truest form.

This purpose defines your true existence at the soul level, the purpose for which your entire life should be dedicated to.

The above mentioned perception of “GOD” may be taken as guidance, but it is in no way a defined meaning to influence anyone.

I’m grateful to everyone, for reading this article.


Curious what a small shift in consciousness can bring to you…This blog is one of my attempts to share my experiences & learning. I’m based in Mumbai, currently working as a Sr. Marketing Manager in International Trade of a Shipping line. I learn & evolve daily. The best blessing one can have is to be a blessing to & for others.
Warm Regards,
Cyrus Mahernosh

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2 thoughts on “RESONATE WITH GOD – By: Cyrus Mahernosh

  1. Wonderfully experienced and explained account of GOD, Cyrus. It was a good nudge for us all, in the right direction. Maybe a sequel to this article, stating your own examples to illustrate how the union of giving and oneness, helped you witness the beauty of destiny coming into play, would be a welcome read. It will also give the reader an idea of how these principles can be applied to daily life. I wish you the very best Cyrus and I look forward to reading many more insightful articles from you in the future 🙂

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