Homemade mango ice cream

Homemade mango ice cream

Mango Ice Cream, By Mohnaz
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During Summer Vacation a perfect way to involve kids in cooking by making their favourite ice cream

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  • Pulp of 6 ripe sweet mangoes
  • Milk just enough to make a thick milkshake consistency
  • Castor sugar or normal sugar as sweet or not as you like.


    Take milk add sugar and put it on the lowest flame setting.
    Keep stirring continuously till the sugar melts.
    After that take the milk off the gas.
    Make sure milk has completely cooled down and only then add mango pulp to it and mix it well till milk and pulp mix well.
    Do not add mango pulp till milk is completely cool as the milk will split.
    Once the mix is cooled to room temperature keep it in the freezer section.
    After it’s frozen solid take it out and use a blender or mixie and blend it again to avoid crystallisation.
    After blending it well freeze it again.
    When ready to eat scoop out the quantity you want.
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